The crucial role of selecting compatible products for wire rope connectors

Published 12/08/2023

As a rigger, fabricator, or installer of cable, conductor, or wire rope connections, it's crucial not to mix different manufacturers' products when combining compression sleeves and tools.

Understanding the risks of mixing and matching manufacturers' products for wire rope connectors

When it comes to swaging, never mix and match connectors and tools from one manufacturer with those of another.

The reason is that manufacturers cannot guarantee the reliability of another company's offerings. If mixing occurs and a failure happens, each manufacturer might attribute the responsibility to the other's product. Consequently, as the installer deviates from the instructions, the liability could fall on you.

The importance of compatibility in wire rope compression sleeves

Always use sleeves and tools from the same manufacturer that are tested and proven to work in tandem. Your legal team and insurance company will appreciate your diligent approach to safety.

Select the right cable, conductor, and wire rope compression sleeves

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