Compression Products

Nicopress is a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer, and marketer of mechanical and electro-mechanical connectivity applications. Recognized for superior technology, innovative engineering, and dependable service, we design and manufacture a range of swaging tools, as well as connection and terminating solutions for applications in electrical cable, wire rope, and fiber rope. Nicopress compression products service global customers in industries that require safety and quality provided by our continuous innovation: aerospace, military and defense, utilities (infrastructure), industrial, rail signal and catenary, and entertainment.


Nicopress manufactures the most reliable swaged connections. Nicopress connectors, terminations and tools are designed, tested and proven to work better together—a complete system for securing your confidence.

What are the Different Types of Wire Rope Compression Sleeves?

Wire rope compression sleeves are broken down into two major categories: oval sleeves and stop sleeves. Oval sleeves have an hourglass shape and provide a secure connection equal to the rated breaking strength of the wire rope. Stop sleeves are more like bolts and are typically used in end-termination.

Oval Sleeve Features

At Nicopress, oval sleeves are designed to secure the end of the wire rope into a loop. Our oval sleeves are made in a variety of materials including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and more. We’ve highlighted some features of oval sleeves below:

  • Used for lighter-duty applications
  • Stronger than stop sleeves
  • Used to bind together an eye in a wire rope

Stop Sleeve Features

Stop sleeves are circular and typically placed at the end of a wire rope. The stop sleeve creates termination in partial-tension applications and keeps the end of the rope from slipping through holes in other materials. This is a simple way to attach fittings to the cable without making a loop or eye in the line. We’ve highlighted some features of stop sleeves below:

  • Prevent fraying
  • Good alternative to thimbles and wire clips
  • Simple way to swage a cord

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