Swaging tool & die roundup

Published 09/15/2023

Flexible enough to fit tight spaces. Light and powerful enough to speed up the job. Our NEW 6-ton 5606M Battery Power Swaging Tool has jaws that rotate 180 degrees, a slim design for easy one-hand operation and can make up to 400 crimps per charge. See Instructions.

Or step up your strength with our NEW 12-ton 5612M Pistol Grip Battery Swaging Tool with many of the same features plus optimized hydraulics that offer 20% faster advance and 30% quicker retraction. See Instructions

With NicopressTM it's easy to match your swaging tool to dies made from high grade steel for optimal durability. Popular die selections include:  

  • 3757-J Swaging Die for W-Type Tool (Type W)
  • 12-M Swaging Die for 12-Ton Battery Tool (Type U)

When vital components -- swaging tools, dies and sleeves -- work seamlessly as one cohesive system, this harmonious combination can elevate the safety and efficiency of your operation, offering many benefits over traditional standalone tools and mismatched pieces parts.

Also make quick work of wire and cable with our 6-ton 7506M Battery Hydraulic Cutter. Tough materials and tight spaces are no problem with this tool. See Instructions.