How to use a swaging tool: 4 common mistakes

Published 09/15/2023

Learning how to use a swaging tool is essential to ensure the safety and reliability of your operation. Unfortunately, many operators make common mistakes that can lead to inadequate compression or even failure. In this article, we'll discuss four common mistakes when using a swaging tool and how to avoid them.

Incorrect selection of wire rope, sleeve, or tool groove

Each swaging tool is designed for specific wire rope and sleeve sizes, ensuring a precise and secure compression. Using the wrong tool groove or an incompatible sleeve can lead to inadequate compression, resulting in weaker connections and compromised safety.

Improper swaging tool calibration

Swaging tools require precise calibration to deliver accurate and consistent results. Over time the calibration may drift, leading to gauge inaccuracies. Failing to calibrate the tool periodically or neglecting to verify its accuracy before each swaging operation can result in improper compression forces.

Improper selection of the gauge slot

Gauge slots determine the appropriate level of compression for a specific sleeve size. Selecting the wrong gauge slot can lead to either excessive compression or insufficient swaging. Technicians must use the correct gauge slot to achieve optimal swage dimensions and maintain the necessary load-bearing capacity.

Improper swaging tool use and neglect

Mishandling a swaging tool, dropping it, or using it in a manner not intended by the manufacturer can compromise its structural integrity, leading to gauge errors. Additionally, lack of routine maintenance and cleaning can result in the accumulation of debris and contaminants affecting the tool's performance.

Technicians should be trained on the proper use and calibration of swaging tools as well as how to care for these instruments to avoid damage and ensure accurate gauge readings. 

Go gauges are supplied with every Nicopress® tool to help you verify a proper swage.

Using a swaging tool requires knowledge and attention to detail to achieve accurate, consistent results and ensure safe and reliable connections. By avoiding these common mistakes you can achieve optimal swage dimensions and maintain the necessary load-bearing capacity.

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