Railroad tools and solutions: a tight grip on rail with Nicopress

Published 12/08/2023

Nicopress railway solutions create more confidence in every mile of track

We are pioneers in designing compression sleeves and tools that connect railroad operations to greater peace of mind. From signaling solutions to catenary cable splices to termination products, the Nicopress name is trusted by major freight and passenger services to help keep trains rolling on schedule.

Improved electrical-mechanical connections with Nicopress railroad signal wire sleeves

For decades, Nicopress Railroad Signal Wire Sleeves have stood as a pinnacle of reliability and efficiency for railway solutions. Specifically engineered for splicing flexible bond strand and track signal wire, they stand up to the demanding conditions of railway systems.

Each high-conductivity sleeve is fashioned from quality materials like tin-plated copper. Their benefits to railroads are many, ranging from improved electrical mechanical connections to reduced maintenance to smoother operations due to their consistent performance when swaging with Nicopress tools.

Reliable swaged connections with the 31-DJ hand swaging tool

When it comes to making reliable swaged connections, our 31-DJ H and Swaging Tool is a stalwart companion for railroad technicians.

Built specifically for tough field environments, it features alloyed forged steel construction and is meticulously designed to achieve the maximum flow of material within the splicing sleeve around the wire or conductor. And it's marked with pressing grooves that correspond to similar markings on Nicopress sleeves, so there's less chance for error during the swaging process. Each tool is also supplied with a "Go" gauge to verify the precise compression of the sleeves, adding an extra layer of reliability to your rail connections. See 31-DJ Tool Instructions

Catenary products and tools for railroad overhead suspension

For railroad overhead suspension needs, we offer catenary products and tools to hold lines to full tension or to terminate cable in a range of sizes.

Over decades, we have optimized the design of our products to make it easier to ensure sturdy mechanical and electrical contact at high speeds, demonstrated through the successful use of our solutions on light rail trains and streetcars across the globe.

See all the reasons why Nicopress is among the most specified names for railway tool suppliers and railway connection needs.