PE22 - AR-1/0-PLUM -
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Application: Power

Product Description

Nicopress split repair sleeves are split their entire length so they can be slipped over damaged or broken wire sections of conductors. Installation of split repair sleeves restores the original conductivity of the conductor and 95% of the breaking strength of the conductor. This is true even when 1/3 of the conductor wires are broken. These sleeves are made of high conductivity metal and may be used as a seat for hot line clamps. Each sleeve is marked with a catalog number, conductor size, and installation tool groove.

• High Conductivity Extruded Aluminum
• Sleeves Develop 95% or More of the Rated Breaking Strength of the Conductor
• Wire Brushing of Conductor and use of Splicing Compound Recommended

  • Product Type : Repair Sleeve
  • Product Material : Aluminum
  • Wire Type : All Aluminum Strand
  • Wire Material : All Aluminum
  • Wire Size : 2/0 AWG
  • Groove : PLUM
  • Stranding : 7 19 WIRE
  • Application : Power
  • Tensile : Full Tension
  • Length : 12 Inch
  • Weight : 272 Lbs/1000
  • Standard Package : 25