PD21 - 5-7/104-F92 -
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Application: Power

Product Description

Electrical galvanized steel splicing sleeves are designed to splice a range of conductor types and materials including: galvanized steel, Alumoweld, ACSR and Amerductor. Sleeves are made of high strength seamless tubing with a specially bonded inner bore coating to assumre maximum holding power and conductivity. Full tension splices develop 100% of the rated breaking strength of the conductor. Each sleeve is marked with a catalog stock number, conductor size and installation tool groove.

Electrogalvanized Seamless Steel Tubing
· Sleeves Develop 100% of the Rated Breaking Strength of the Conductor
· Specially Bonded Inner Bore Coating
· Rolled Center Constriction Conductor Stop

  • Product Type : Splicing Sleeve
  • Product Material : Galvanized Steel
  • Wire Type : Galvanized Steel Strand
  • Wire Material : Galvanized
  • Wire Size : 5/16 Inch (3 WIRE)
  • Groove : F92
  • Grade : EHS
  • Application : Power
  • Tensile : Full Tension
  • Length : 8 Inch
  • Weight : 656 Lbs/1000
  • Standard Package : 10