Gas Utility Tools And Connections

Nicopress® tracer wire taps, splicing sleeves, reducing sleeves, mastic, kits and hand tools are part of a complete system enabling reliable detection of gas line tracer locating wire.

A Total Solution for Tracer Wire Detection

Find what you need to make permanent underground connections, all under one roof. Using Nicopress® sleeves and Nicopress® tools, gas utilities can detect the exact location of buried tracer wire more reliably and consistently. A strong, lasting connection also helps to avoid the cost and complication of repairing failed locator wire.

Tracer wire detection is dependent upon connectors that are precisely engineered. We make the task of locating cable easier. With Nicopress, you get gas utility connections offering superior conductivity and strength that can outlast your gas line installations.

Optimized swage compression technology is the reason our products are trusted by major gas utilities and electrical product distributors for highly dependable tracer wire connections. Before you dig, be sure to specify the Nicopress® system—designed to work better together.

  • Nicopress splice strength equals the rated breaking strength (RBS) of the wire itself
  • Our complete gas utility system creates repeatable splices that outlast other connection systems
  • Gas line workers love our lightweight, easy-to-use tools that don’t mind a hard day’s work
  • Reduce the risk of wire that can’t be located with a company with 70-plus years of experience

Common Gas Utility Applications

Swage compression sleeves and tools from Nicopress have been used by gas utilities and electrical product distributors for decades for:

  • Locating tracer wire
  • Detecting underground gas & water pipes and fiber optic cable
Gas Utilities

Products for Gas Utilities

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Buried tracer wire is often secured by twisting wires together or by inserting wire into a connector compressed by a screw. These methods can be unreliable over time, such as a screw backing out and causing loss of connectivity. Our complete system matches Nicopress® sleeves to Nicopress® tools to create strong and permanent compression connections for both solid copper and copper-clad steel tracer wire from #6 AWG through #14 AWG.

  • Nicopress® Tracer Wire Taps provide excellent electrical and tensile connection, are simple to install, and reduce the chance for future “dig-ins.” All tap/lateral sleeves are made from high-conductivity copper and are designed to tap-splice solid or stranded tracer wire without cutting the main running wire. Testing confirms the Nicotap™ system provides 2-4 times the conductivity and strength of competitive tracer wire connection systems
    • Popular for gas utilities:
      • T1-102-D tracer wire tap (wire size: #10 AWG)
      • T1-064-C tracer wire tap (wire size: #12 AWG, #14 AWG)
  • Nicopress® Tracer Wire Splice Sleeves are designed to butt-splice solid copper wire, stranded, or copper-covered steel. Splice sleeves are constructed of a seamless high-conductivity copper tube with a specially bonded inner bore coating
    • Popular for gas utilities:
      • 1-102-C tracer wire splice sleeve (wire size: #10 AWG)
  • Nicopress® Tracer Wire Kits package the proper connectors for each job, including a copper splicing sleeve or lateral sleeve and a protective mastic sealing compound. Prevent mismatches and correctly splice the tap wire with packaging clearly labeled for wire, connector and tool type. Now avoiding costly field repairs is also convenient
    • Popular for gas utilities:
      • KT1-102-D tracer wire kit (wire size: #10 AWG)
      • KT1-064-C tracer wire kit (wire size: #12 AWG, #14 AWG)
  • Nicopress® Hand Tools create maximum metal flow of the splicing sleeve around the wire or conductor to create optimally strong and consistent splices. Engineered for field conditions, Nicopress® tools are manufactured from alloyed forged steel with specially hardened working surfaces
Gas Utilities

How We Help Gas Utilities And Electrical Product Distributors

We think you will agree that nothing equals Nicopress from proven gas utility products to helpful services and reliable after-sales support. Here are more ways we bring value to customers every day:

Proven Performance

Typical gas line installations are expected to last up to 50 years. We engineer confidence in durable tracer wire and locating wire/locator wire connections. When you choose a system designed to prevent mismatched products and missing items that is easy to verify in the field, you reduce the risk of costly dig-ins and undetectable wire. We know the time crews can spend in the trench—it’s why we invest ours in engineering and testing to ensure they won’t be going back anytime soon.

Design Assistance

We are swage compression specialists that can engage your project directly with a standard solution or custom-engineered solutions. Suppliers can sometimes overlook the small things when assessing specific needs for gas line infrastructure—we’ll help you think through every consideration because your tracer wire system is only as good as its weakest connection.

Logistics Efficiency

With our deeply rooted supply chain relationships and large, domestic footprint, you can be confident in our products. Our system is built on a foundation of perfected processes, rapid response times, and development methods that reduce your project costs while helping to ensure product delivery.

Additional Gas Utility Resources

There’s more to learn about optimized swage compression technology for tracer wire and related gas utility installations.

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