Agricultural Wire Fencing Sleeves And Tools

Nicopress® sleeves, terminations and tools for farm, ranch, vineyard and orchard fence wire help to improve crop protection, livestock containment, vine trellising and more.

Improve Fence and Trellis Fabrication and Repair

Fences are a farmer, rancher and grower’s best friend, and Nicopress® sleeves and tools are the best option for strong and durable fencing and trellising.

Over decades, the Nicopress® system has set a higher standard for high-tensile fence wire crimping, splicing and taps. Crop protection, livestock containment and vine trellising are all made easier, more economical and more reliable using optimized swage compression technology.

Agricultural fences allow farms, ranches, vineyards and orchards to flourish while providing security from trespassers and wildlife. Your fence-wire swaging sleeves and tools should provide the same consistent performance and peace of mind.

  • Fence and trellis fabrication and maintenance are faster and tidier using the Nicopress® system
  • Nicopress splice strength equals the rated breaking strength (RBS) of the wire itself
  • Our system stands out for ease of use, repeatability and affordability according to customers
  • We can answer any question you have about proper fence wire crimping and splicing

Common Applications

Depending on your livestock, crop or other animal and vegetation needs, Nicopress® connectors, terminators and tools work perfectly together for the construction of:

  • Bramble fencing
  • Cattle fencing
  • Equestrian fencing
  • Orchard fencing
  • Poultry fencing/Chicken coops
  • Trellising
  • Working pens
Agricultural Wire Fencing Sleeves and Tools

Products for Agricultural Fencing

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Nicopress® connectors and tools provide outstanding reliability and security for high-tensile, barbed, cable, woven and electric fencing. Find more solutions for a wide range of wire sizes, including popular 10, 12-1/2, and 14 SWG options:

  • Nicopress® Fence Wire (FW) Oval Swage Sleeves are ideal for lap-splicing and dead-ending woven, barbed and single-strand electrical fencing where wire overlap is available. All oval lap splices are made of zinc-plated copper for ideal durability and conductivity
    • Popular for agricultural fencing:
      • FW-2-3 ¾" oval sleeve (12-1/2 SWG)
      • FW-2-3 oval sleeve (12-1/2 SWG)
      • FW-3-4 oval sleeve (10 SWG, 11 SWG, 14 SWG Barbed, 15-1/2 SWG Barbed)
  • Nicopress® Fence Taps connect electrified fence wire to copper, aluminum or galvanized steel fence charger hookup and grounding leads. Faulty or intermittent connection points are no concern using these permanent, tamper-proof fence taps.
  • Nicopress® Fence Wire Splice Sleeves are used when repair sections of fence must be cut and returned. These butt-type sleeves provide a smooth, continuous wire surface and are ideal for trellising where automatic equipment may travel wire
  • Nicopress® Suspension Dead-Ends (Clevis Type) for poultry fencing allow reliable termination of conductors on suspension insulators or on neutral wire eye bolts using standard Nicopress® tools. A special feedthrough design permits any conductor length to be spliced to other lines or fixtures
  • Nicopress® Hand Tools create maximum metal flow of the splicing sleeve around the wire or conductor to create optimally strong and consistent splices. The robust alloy forged steel design of Nicopress® tools helps installers feel confident a proper swage has been made
  • Nicopress® Hydraulic Swaging Tools and Nicopress® Cutting Tools can make any job faster and easier. Also find die sets for swaging fence wire that are engineered specifically for use with Nicopress® sleeves in Nicopress® tools

How We Help With Agricultural Fencing

We think you will agree that nothing equals Nicopress from proven agricultural fencing products to helpful services and reliable after-sales support. Here are more ways we bring value to customers every day:

Design Assistance

At Nicopress, engineering is a culture with its own expectations and resources that can make your job simpler. We thrive on matching your requirements to the ideal product solution, we test everything we build, and no one combines more years of practical experience to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Logistics Efficiency

Our team has a large, domestic footprint, rooted deeply in supply chain relationships. Having perfected the processes, tools and development methods, we are equipped for rapid responses that reduce your project costs and help ensure product delivery, as your focus shifts and your needs change.

Easy Accessibility

Nicopress® sleeves and tools are backed by the most savvy, skilled and supportive staff you will find. Stay in touch with the original swage compression technology experts.

Additional Agricultural Fencing Resources

There’s even more for farmers, ranchers and growers of all types to learn about optimized swage compression technology for their fence wire needs.

  • Fence & Trellis Products Catalog Download our complete guide to Nicopress® sleeves, terminators and tools for agricultural fencing
  • Cable & Wire Fence Cutter Read about the many advantages of our powerful cable cutter that's designed for repetitive use with less fatigue when cutting cable up to 3/16" and fence wire up to 9 SWG (5mm) diameter
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