ToolP-WR - AT-330 -
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Application: Wire Rope

Product Description

Hand tool. Centralized production assembly work. Covers wide range of wire sizes. Both single- and multi-groove power crimp heads can be interchanged to minimize set-up time.

  • Dimensions:  15"L x 7.5"H x 4"W (38.1cm x 19.1cm x 10.2cm)
  • Weight:  13 lbs (6kg)
  • Wire Size:  1/32", 3/64" (1mm) to 3/8" (10mm)*
  • Available Tool HEADS:  AT-B, AT-B4, AT-C, AT-CGMP, AT-G, AT-M, AT-XPM, AT-MJ, AT-P, AT-X, AT-X-F6*, AT-F2, AT-F6*, AT-G9*
  • Available HEAD Grooves:  B, B4, C, G, M, P, X, F2, F6, G9, J

*AT-Booster Accessory required for AT-X-F6; AT-F6 & AT-G9 Heads

  • Product Type : Air Tool
  • Application : Wire Rope