SF1 - T1-128 X 064-J -
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T1-128 X 064-J

Application: Signal

Product Description

Nicotap® Sleeve for Solid Copper Wire and Solid Copper Covered Steel (Copperweld®) Wire


Nicotap® sleeves are designed to tap into the main line wire without cutting the wire. The nicotap® sleeve is first attached to the tap wire and following this the open end of the Nicotap® is pressed onto the line wire using standard Nicopress® tools. Nicotap® sleeves assure noninterrupted conductivity of the line wire while providing an excellect electrical tap.

  • Sleeves for splicing copper and (Copperweld®) wire are made of high conductivity copper.
  • Each sleeve has a specially bonded inner bore coating to assure maximum holding strength.
  • Product Type : Nicotap
  • Product Material : Copper
  • Line Wire Type : Copper Solid, Copperweld Solid
  • Wire Material : Copper, Copperweld
  • Line Wire Size : 8 AWG
  • Tap Wire Type : Copper Solid, Copperweld Solid
  • Wire Material B : Copper, Copperweld
  • Tap Wire Size : 14 AWG
  • Groove : J
  • Application : Signal
  • Weight : 64 Lbs/1000
  • Standard Package : 50