PF16 - JU-477-24/7, 26/7, 30/7-27AH -
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JU-477-24/7, 26/7, 30/7-27AH

Application: Power

Product Description

Nicopress Jumper Sleeves are designed for the loop splicing of both solid and stranded conductor. These partial tension sleeves are made of high conductivity seamless aluminum tubing and meet ANSI C119.4-2011. Each capped sleeve is marked with catalog stock number, conductor size and installation groove.

· Seamless High Conductivity Aluminum Tubing
· Sleeves Develop Class II Partial Tension Requirements in Conformance with EEI-NEMA Standard ANSI C119.4-2011
· Inner Bore Filled with Special Oxide Inhibiting Compound
· Solid Staked Center Barrier
· Capped Ends