PF14 - 6610-APPLE -
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Application: Power

Product Description

These partial tension sleeves and units are designed to splice the neutral of self-supporting service drop cables (Triplex) and short span overhead distribution lines. There are two types of these sleeves. The single piece sleeve is made of high conductivity seamless aluminum tubing. The two piece unit consists of an inner core wire splicing sleeve and a larger cover sleeve. The core sleeve is made from high strength galvanized seamless steel tubing and the cover sleeve is made from high conductivity seamless aluminum tubing. Each sleeve is marked with catalog number, conductor size and installation groove.

·         Inner Core Sleeve is Made from Electrogalvanized Seamless Steel Tubing
·         Outer Cover Sleeve is Made of Seamless High Conductivity Aluminum Tubing
·         Specially Bonded Inner Bore Coating in Core Sleeve Only
·         Rolled Center Constriction Wire Stop in Core Sleeve Only
·         Wire Brushing of Conductor and Use of Splicing Compound Recommended
·         Catalog Stock Numbers, Conductor Size, and Installation Tool Groove Marked on Sleeves (These stock numbers describe a complete ACSR Splicing Unit. However, core and cover sleeves can be ordered separately by indicating the catalog stock number followed by the designation “core sleeve only” or “cover sleeve only.”)
  • Product Type : Splicing Units (Partial Tension) for Neutral
  • Product Material : Aluminum / Galv Steel
  • Wire Type : ACSR Neutral
  • Wire Material : ACSR Neutral
  • Wire Size : 6 AWG 6/1
  • Groove : APPLE
  • Stranding : 6/1
  • Application : Power
  • Tensile : Partial Tension
  • Length : 5 1/2 Inch
  • Weight : 66 Lbs/1000
  • Standard Package : 50
  • Acceptable Material : Aluminum