PE11 - AL-4-SOL-P -
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Application: Power

Product Description

Electrical conductor splicing sleeves are designed to splice the following types of conductors: both solid and stranded aluminum and aluminum covered steel (Alumoweld) conductor; ACSR, AAAC and 5005.  These full tension single piece sleeves are made of high conductivity seamless aluminum tubing and develop the maximum rated breaking strength of the conductor in conformance with ANSI C119.4-2011 (where applicable).  Each sleeve is marked with catalog stock number, conductor size and installation tool groove.

Seamless High Conductivity Aluminum Tubing
·         Sleeves Develop 95% or More of Rated Braking Strength of the Conductor in Conformance With EEI-NEMA Standard ANSI C119.4-2011
·         Treatment of Inner Bore with Special Coating to Assure Maximum Holding Strength
·         Rolled Center Constriction Conductor Stop
·         Wire Brushing of Conductor and Use of Splicing Compound Recommended
  • Product Type : Splicing Sleeve
  • Product Material : Aluminum
  • Wire Type : Aluminum Solid
  • Wire Material : Aluminum
  • Wire Size : 4 AWG
  • Groove : P
  • Application : Power
  • Tensile : Full Tension
  • Length : 2 3/4 Inch
  • Weight : 25.6 Lbs/1000
  • Standard Package : 100