PA23 - T1-204/7 X 128-P -
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T1-204/7 X 128-P

Application: Power

Product Description

Nicotap sleeves are designed to tap into the main conductor without cutting the conductor. Nicotap sleeves are first attached to the tap wire, and following this, the open end of the Nicotap sleeve is pressed onto the line conductor using standard Nicopress tools. Nicotap sleeves assure the uninterrupted conductivity of the line conductor while providing excellent electrical tap. Each sleeve has a specially bonded inner bore coating to assure maximum holding strength.

·         High Conductivity Copper
·         Inner Surfaces Specially Coated to Assure Optimum Holding Strength

  • Product Type : Nicotap
  • Product Material : Copper
  • Line Wire Type : Copper Strand, Copperweld Strand
  • Wire Material : Copper
  • Line Wire Size : 4 AWG (7 WIRE)
  • Tap Wire Type : Copper Solid, Copperweld Solid
  • Tap Wire Size : 8 AWG
  • Groove : P
  • Application : Power
  • Weight : 129 Lbs/1000
  • Standard Package : 25