Compression Products - Farm, Ranch & Vineyards

Nicopress makes a range of compression products.

Nicopress Fence Sleeves and Taps have proven to be the quickest, durable, and most reliable connections in all fence applications.

Product Types:

  • Fence Oval

    Nicopress "FW" sleeves are used where wire overlap is available on new or repair fence installations. These sleeves are ideal for lap-splicing and dead-ending woven, barbed and single strand electrical fence wire.

  • Fence Splicing Sleeves

    Nicopress splicing sleeves are used when repair sections of fence must be cut and returned to their original position. With no wire overlap, this streamlined splice is ideal in trellis applications where automatic equipment may travel the wire.

  • Fence Tap

    Fence taps connect the most commonly used electrified fence wire to copper, aluminum or galvanized steel fence charger hook-up and grounding leads.