Electric Utility Solutions

Nicopress® splicing sleeves, terminations, cable rings, and tools for power line cable and electrical conductors help electric utilities and electrical product distributors operate safely, reliably and consistently. The easy-to-use Nicopress system of electrical conductor connectors and electric utility tools provides superior connections that meet or exceed industry standards.

Connect to Optimized Swage Compression Technology

With thousands of miles of transmission and distribution line spanning the most remote locations—as capacity increases and services expand—you need confidence in secure connections. For over a century, Nicopress has helped power companies and electrical product distributors deliver energy safely and dependably every mile of the way using optimized swage compression technology.

We know how to keep the lights on, from securing power line cables and electrical conductors to making ground connections. As a partner to cooperatives, rural providers and municipal- and investor-owned utilities, we provide security that lasts.

With so much hanging in the balance, you need the highest assurance in continuity of service to your customers. Nicopress® sleeves and Nicopress® tools offer you a complete system to make reliable connections more consistently.

  • Nicopress splice strength equals the rated breaking strength (RBS) of the wire itself
  • Our complete system creates repeatable splices that stand up to harsh conditions
  • We can improve your resilience strategy for extreme weather events with fast turnaround
  • We also provide direct support for grid hardening initiatives for reinforcing and replacing lines

Common Applications

Every day, millions of Nicopress® connections deliver perfect service and added peace of mind for electric utilities and electrical product distributors that support critical infrastructure, including:

  • Aerial distribution support systems
  • Cable runs
  • Electrical conductors
  • Electrical constructs of all types
  • Ground connections
  • Power line cable
Electric Utilities

Products for Electric Utilities

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Our products are designed to earn line workers’ respect. When a major electric utility wanted the best option over the best price, it chose Nicopress® sleeves and Nicopress® tools for a better combination of performance and value. Find products in many materials and sizes that are compatible with a wide array of conductors including copper, copper-covered steel, Copperweld® copper, galvanized steel, ACSR, AAC, AAAC and Amerductor.

  • Nicopress® Splicing Sleeves for power distribution use high conductivity seamless copper and copper alloy tubing to provide reliable splicing of partial or full tension power line cable connections
    • Popular for electric utilities:
      • 1-258-X Copper splicing sleeve (wire size: #2 AWG Solid)
      • 1-204-P Copper splicing sleeve (wire size: #4 AWG Solid)
      • 1-162-J Copper splicing sleeve (wire size: #6 AWG Solid)
  • Nicopress® Reducing Sleeves for galvanized steel and solid copper wire make joining two wire sizes a cinch in the field to help create strong power distribution and ground connections
  • Nicopress® Repair Sleeves are split their entire length so they can be easily slipped over damaged wire sections of electrical conductors. This can restore the original conductivity of the conductor and 95% of the breaking strength
    • Popular for electric utilities:
  • Nicopress® Dead-End Assemblies are used to terminate signal wire on pin, knob, spool or strain insulators. Offset dead-end sleeves and clevis-type suspension dead-ends are available
    • Popular for electric utilities:
      • 71-204-P suspension dead-end (Clevis type)
  • Nicopress® Hand Tools create maximum metal flow of the splicing sleeve around the wire or conductor to create optimally strong and consistent splices
    • Popular for electric utilities:
      • 53-XPJ swaging tool (optional fiberglass handle)
  • Nicopress® Hydraulic Tools make swaging and cutting cable easier and faster. Also find Nicopress® die sets engineered specifically for use with Nicopress® sleeves
  • Nicopress® Cable Rings and Saddles snap onto messenger strand and support aerial cable. Standard and extra-long cable rings are available.
Electric Utilities

How We Help Electric Utilities and Electrical Product Distributors

We think you will agree that nothing equals Nicopress from proven products to helpful services to reliable after-sales support. Here are more ways we bring value to customers every day:

Design Assistance

Pros know—if the line person doesn’t like it, it will never work. Together, we can design and build products tried, tested and approved for service from the ground up. From initial concept to final signoff, we offer design assistance, analysis and execution—everything you need to develop a winning solution. Ask us about custom-engineered solutions.

Logistics Efficiency

There is confidence in knowing the product you need is right around the corner. With deep-rooted supply chain relationships and a large domestic footprint, we are built for rapid response, having perfected the processes, tools and development methods that reduce your project costs and help ensure product delivery even when your needs change quickly.

Storm Outage Response

We never leave our customers in the dark. When storms threaten or the unexpected occurs, we’re by your side with critical support and trucks ready to roll day or night. With strategically placed inventory in major markets, we’ll help you restore power from the minute the call goes out. Stay in touch with the experts who understand your unique challenges.

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There’s even more to learn about optimized swage compression technology for electric utilities and electrical product distributors.

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