Nicopress Storm Stock Guide for Efficient Power Restoration

When a weather emergency strikes, you have enough to worry about. Your stock of connectors shouldn't be on that list. Being unprepared for inclement weather may increase power restoration time. To ensure that communities can maintain power during storms, and to make power restoration as quick and safe as possible, invest in an ample supply of power line repair products before storm season hits. From reducing sleeves to aluminum and copper electrical connectors, Nicopress has everything you need to make your community's power system as strong as it can be.

In the following tables, you will find references for various storm components, including both copper and aluminum electrical connectors for a variety of power lines. The tables include:

  • Nicopress splicing sleeves for copper covered steel
  • Splicing sleeves for ACSR, AAAC and 5005 stranded conductors
  • Reducing sleeves for stranded copper to stranded copper conductors
  • Split repair sleeves for copper covered steel
  • Split repair sleeves for ACSR, AAAC and 5005 conductors

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When inclement weather approaches, Nicopress is can provide same-day shipment of power line repair products to help ensure that power restoration is accomplished safely and efficiently. Whether you need aluminum or copper compression sleeves, or other storm connectors, you can find them all at Nicopress. We also have a wide range of swaging tools and dies available. Have questions? Contact our experts today.

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