The Nicopress Efficiency Guide for Wire Rope Connections

From bridge building to heavy lifting, wire rope rigging is used across industries for a wide variety of purposes. No matter the job, the wire rope connections need to have the proper efficiency to complete it correctly and safely. That's why Nicopress has created a guide for wire rope connector efficiencies and their corresponding cost levels.

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The PDF includes the following wire rope connections:

  • Compressed sleeve "Nicopress"
  • Spliced eye and wire rope thimble
  • Poured socket
  • Open wedge "wedge socket"
  • Knot and clip "contractors knot"
  • Wire rope clips
  • Plate clamp wire rope clamp


Nicopress carries some of the most efficient and reliable wire rope connector terminations online. Thanks to our wide selection of wire cable connectors, you'll be able to find what you need for any project or budget. We also have swaging tools and dies available to help you create the strongest hold possible for your rope connectors and other terminations. If you have any questions, contact our experts today.

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