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Nicopress Aluminum Oval/Duplex Compression sleeves (sometimes called ferrules),  are used for making eye and lap splices on wire rope. They are economical and conform to Military Standard A-A-Duplex.

Product Type: Oval
Application: Wire Rope
Product Material: Aluminum
Sleeve Type: Aluminum Oval Sleeves
Wire Size: 3/64 Inch
Metric Wire Size: 1 mm
Length: 3/8" (9.5 mm)
Mil Standard: AADUPLEX-02

 Stock NumberSize
188-2-VC 188-2-VC 1/16 Inch
188-3-VG 188-3-VG 3/32 Inch
188-4-VM 188-4-VM 1/8 Inch
188-5-VP 188-5-VP 5/32 Inch
188-6-VX 188-6-VX 3/16 Inch
188-8-VF6 188-8-VF6 1/4 Inch
188-10-VG92 188-10-VG92 5/16 Inch
188-12-VH5 188-12-VH5 3/8 Inch
188-14-VK8 188-14-VK8 7/16 Inch
188-16-VM1 188-16-VM1 1/2 Inch
188-4-6-VX 188-4-6-VX 3/16 & 1/8 Inch

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