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Nicopress Copper and Zinc-Plated Copper Oval/Duplex Compression sleeves (sometimes called ferrules), originally patented by our engineers, are used for making eye and lap splices on wire rope. They are economical and can hold approximately 100% of the cable’s rated breaking strength, depending on the cable size and type used and conform to MS51844. We have determined through pull-testing that Nicopress Oval Sleeves will hold military specification grade aircraft cable in tension until it breaks, when the cable is made to military specifications for 3x7. 7x7, 7x19 and 6x19 IWRC and correctly applied with Nicopress Tools.

Product Type: Oval
Application: Wire Rope
Product Material: Copper
Sleeve Type: Copper & Zinc Plated Copper Oval Sleeves
Wire Size: 1/4 Inch
Length: 1-1/8" (29 mm)
Mil Standard: MS51844-48

 Stock NumberSize
17-1-B 17-1-B 1/32 Inch
18-11-B4 18-11-B4 3/64 Inch
18-1-C 18-1-C 1/16 Inch
18-2-G 18-2-G 3/32 Inch
18-3-M 18-3-M 1/8 Inch
18-4-P 18-4-P 5/32 Inch
18-6-X 18-6-X 3/16 Inch
18-8-F2 18-8-F2 7/32 Inch
18-13-G9 18-13-G9 5/16 Inch
18-23-H5 18-23-H5 3/8 Inch
18-23-H5 18-23-H5
18-24-J8 18-24-J8 7/16 Inch
18-25-K8 18-25-K8 1/2 Inch
18-27-M1 18-27-M1 9/16 Inch
18-28-N5 18-28-N5 5/8 Inch
27-1-B 27-1-B 1/32 Inch
28-11-B4 28-11-B4 3/64 Inch
28-1-C 28-1-C 1/16 Inch
28-2-G 28-2-G 3/32 Inch
28-3-M 28-3-M 1/8 Inch
28-4-P 28-4-P 5/32 Inch
28-6-X 28-6-X 3/16 Inch
28-8-F2 28-8-F2 7/32 Inch
28-10-F6 28-10-F6 1/4 Inch
28-13-G9 28-13-G9 5/16 Inch
28-23-H5 28-23-H5 3/8 Inch
28-23-H5 28-23-H5
28-24-J8 28-24-J8 7/16 Inch
28-25-K8 28-25-K8 1/2 Inch
28-27-M1 28-27-M1 9/16 Inch
28-28-N5 28-28-N5 5/8 Inch

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