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Nicopress copper and galvanized steel stop sleeves are engineered to terminate wire rope and hold approximately 50% of the cables rated breaking strength.

Product Type: Stop
Application: Wire Rope
Product Material: Copper
Sleeve Type: Copper and galvanized Steel Stop Sleeves  
Wire Size: 1/16 Inch
Length: 7/32" (5.5 mm)

 Stock NumberSize
871-32-B 871-32-B 1/32 Inch
871-12-B4 871-12-B4 3/64 Inch
871-1-Q 871-1-Q 1/16 Inch
871-3-Q 871-3-Q 3/32 Inch
871-17-J 871-17-J 3/32 Inch
871-18-J 871-18-J 1/8 Inch
871-19-M 871-19-M 5/32 Inch
871-20-M 871-20-M 3/16 Inch
871-22-M 871-22-M 7/32 Inch
871-23-F6 871-23-F6 1/4 Inch
871-26-F6 871-26-F6 5/16 Inch
871-27-F6 871-27-F6 3/8 Inch
872-32-B 872-32-B 1/32 Inch
872-12-B4 872-12-B4 3/64 Inch
872-1-C 872-1-C 1/16 Inch
872-17-J 872-17-J 3/32 Inch
872-18-J 872-18-J 1/8 Inch
872-19-M 872-19-M 5/32 Inch
872-20-M 872-20-M 3/16 Inch
872-22-M 872-22-M 7/32 Inch
872-23-F6 872-23-F6 1/4 Inch
872-26-F6 872-26-F6 5/16 Inch
872-27-F6 872-27-F6 3/8 Inch

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